Content Subscription

Monthly delivery of content for your social media channels

How it works

  • Step 1- Kick off meeting

    We get to know each other. We will get to know your business goals and get an overview of what content you already have. With this in hand, we create the framework and goals for the subscription. After this meeting, you will understand the workflow of the subscription model.

  • Step 2 - Content idea presentations

    We present the content ideas based on the framework agreed on at the kickoff meeting. Based on your feedback, we plan a recording day (if applicable) and will add the productions to your monthly production list.

  • STEP 3: Content Shooting (if applicable)

    The production team will capture the needed content (video and photo) to be used to produce the content needed for the agreed monthly content. The raw content and the product will be added and indexed on your storage (if applicable).

  • STEP 4: Content Delivery & Correction round

    We send you the content for you to have a preview and decide what to change or not. After that, we correct the content to be ready to post.

  • Step 5 - Content posting and management (if applicable)

    We post your content during the month for you to not worry about your social media and only about your company's growth.

  • Step 6 - Performance and strategy meeting

    Once the content is posted, we measure the performance to compare what worked with what didn´t to correct it for next month. Based on this data and your marketing plan, we jointly decide what content to produce for the next month.

10 years of experience

We have created and operated 13 independent brands under the Global Startup Awards, the world's biggest independent startup competition. Over the last ten years, we have experienced first-hand what it means successfully to create content and manage social media channels. 

  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Strategy and concepts
  • Planning and posting
  • Ads and analytic

Choose your plan

Starter Plan
9.500 DKK
Monthly payment

  •  Kickoff meeting
  • We create 12 pieces of content based on your pictures/video
  • -- 9 static
  • -- 3 short-form videos
  •  Monthly planning meeting

Starter Plan

Content Creator Plan
17.500 DKK
Monthly payment (min 3 months)

  •  Kickoff meeting
  •  One recording day (photo and video)
  •  Content management
  • We create 12 pieces of content based on your pictures/video  (including from the recording day)
  • -- 6 static
  • -- 6 short-form videos
  •  Monthly planning meeting
most popular

Content Creator Plan

Content Master Plan
29.500 DKK
Monthly payment (min 6 months)

  •  Kickoff meeting
  •  Two recording days (photo and video)
  •  Content management
  • We create 24 pieces of content based on your pictures/video (including from the recording day)
  • -- 12 static
  • -- 12 short-form videos
  •  Monthly planning meeting

Content Master Plan

Add-ons prices (starting at)

Posting on social media

Let us post the content on your social media channels and present a report at the monthly planning meeting.
starting at (monthly)

5.500 DKK

Additional recording day

If you need something specific recorded for one month, add an additional recording day for a discounted rate as a content subscriber.
starting at

7.500 DKK


What do you need from me?

It depends on how much you want to get involved. You can rely on us for a full content management plan from the ideas to the creation and also the posting on the respective social media. We want to be your social media problem solver in order for you to focus only on your business development.

What is content management?

We want to revolutionise how you work with content by indexing your content which enables us to help you use your content smarter. At the same time, your team will also have access to all the content you have provided us, plus content created over time from the subscription or other external sources. This will provide the foundation for better re-using of existing content to create new content. 

With content management, you can focus on the big picture while we ensure your content is organised, available and safely stored. 

What happens to my content if I end the subscription?

For an additional fee, we will provide you with all your content in a storage disk, but you could also get the possibility to keep your online access for a monthly fee.