Ten years expereince of working with the best

Founded in 2012

The why

We want to move, touch and leave a mark on the world.

The how

We work with content across all available media always keeping an innovative and adaptive approach to how we solve our projects.

Our talent


We have a highly experienced management team consisting of individuals who all live a breath of content creation and are driven by executing projects with results that leave a real impact on people, business and your bottom line. 

Global network

Over the last ten years, we have developed an extensive network of experts within all the needed disciplines to create competitive content strategies and productions.

Agency founder

Kim Balle

10 years experience, from Copenhagen, Denmark

Clients and concepts (CEO & Owner)

Kim Balle has been working in the intersection between content creation and business for over a decade. Besides working in the agency world with brands such as Porshe, he has also created and operated global brands such as Global Startup Awards, the world's biggest independent startup competition with a yearly organic Facebook reach of 12 million across all the related Facebook pages.

We are always looking for the next generation of talent.

Working as a junior

Working as an intern